A man. A woman. Two toddlers. A new world. 

Holy cow!

"What if we live in Singapore for three months, just try it out?"  I thought it was just another wild idea my husband was tossing out so I gave him my best, "SURE!"

We'd been talking about moving overseas for years. As it turns out, this time he wasn't just brainstorming. He meant it and so here we are six months later on our way to live on the other side of the globe. 

The players: 

Tom, a coal broker on a reconaissance mission to discover whether or not it makes financial sense for his company to open an office in Singapore.

Me, a reluctant, but happy, stay-at-home mommy who never intended to leave my career as a network television correspondent. I love being home, but desperately miss working.  

Maisie, our daughter who will turn four on August 25. She's beautiful, bright, super social - and has sensory issues that manifest in a whole host of ways.

Hudson, our son who turned two on July 21. He is the world's most joyful, athletic boy though those dreaded terrible twos are starting. His blond, curly locks make him a bit of a rock star in Asia.